3 bowl singles.

2 sets of 6 ends.

1 end tiebreaker.

1 powerplay per set.

1 nominated kill per set.

Average game length 40 mins.

3 players per rink, play 2 games & 1.

3 games per round or mini-tournament. 

Highlights from the inaugural Super Singles event in Winter 2022.

Three bowls singles is an excellent development format as it teaches you not to waste bowls.

The nominated kills and powerplays bring added excitement, as does the one end tiebreaker.

Just make sure you have a total number of players divisble by three. If you don’t, you can always provide a non-playing marker, or have 2 players agree to use a marker from the next rink when needed.

The jack always gets placed on the 2m, and the mat gets moved to any preferred position within the normal legal length.

The winner is found using wins > sets > ends > diff. Other prizes can be paid out using this as a ranking method.


Conditions of Play