2 bowl pairs.

2 sets of 5 ends.

1 end tiebreaker.

1 powerplay per set.

1 nominated kill per set.

Average game length 40 mins.

4 teams per group, play round robin.

3 games per round or mini-tournament.

Evan Jones’s team won the inaugural Power Pairs event at Paritutu in Winter 2023.

Two bowl pairs is a fast and very active game.

It’s also a great way of bringing new bowlers into the club.

We recommend you have them pair up with a more experienced bowler, and that person plays lead with the new bowler playing skip. We think this way because:

  • the new bowler doesn’t feel the pressure of bowling to a bare jack
  • he/she gets to see experienced bowlers start to build a head
  • the experienced bowler can guide the newbie on what shots to try and play.

This can also be a great format for the middle of a Bowls Classic day where you can have a four split into 2 pairs with one pair playing the first set while the other has lunch, and then they swap for the second set. If a tiebreaker is needed in this format, it’s real fun for all four players to have just one bowl each.

The winner from all groups is found using wins > sets > ends > diff. Other prizes can be paid out using this as a ranking method.


Conditions of Play