1to8 National Super Singles 2023 Conditions Of Play

1. Entry conditions and eligibility

1.1 This event is administered independent to Bowls New Zealand, Centre and/or club administration, by the NZ company Short Form Bowls Limited (SFB)’’.
Regional qualifier events may be run on behalf of the administration by a Host Club
1.2 All players must be affiliated to a Bowling Club (as a full playing member) which is affiliated to Bowls New Zealand.
1.3 All players are to be of Eight years and under “full playing” experience.
To clear all doubt, due to the finals being playing during the winter season, any player who has not started their nineth season is eligible.
1.4 These Conditions of Play are also made in accordance with the Laws of the Sport of Bowls, which permits the tournament controlling body to establish conditions of play to cover certain aspects of the sport.
1.5 All participants in qualifying rounds and/or the finals are to have paid a $40 entry fee to SFB and have provided their Centre, Club and year’s bowling information.
2. Name, Date and Venue
2.1 Name: Super Singles 1to8 National Finals
2.2 Dates & Venue
National Final is to be held at the Ryman Healthcare Stadium, Naenae Bowling Club, Lower Hutt, June 24 & 25 2023.
3. Controlling Body
3.1 This event has been created and administered by Paul ‘’Fletch’’ Christian, Owner of SFB. The controlling body will consist of those appointed by Fletch, included but not limited to umpires, recorders, event director and will be announced to competitors ahead of play.
4. Trial Ends
4.1 Pursuant to Law 5.1 of the Laws of the Sport trial ends will be allowed before competition commences each day, with one end each way.
The marker for the first game may complete his/her trial ends after the first game has been played.
No further practice is allowed on competition days.
Naenae Bowling club will be made available Friday afternoon-evening for practice.
5. Competition Format
5.1 Finals Weekend
All winning entrants (contested or uncontested) from each Centre are invited to play in the Finals Weekend to be held at Naenae Bowling Club June 24 &25 .
As a centre qualifier your accommodation will be supplied for the Friday and Saturday nights by SFB. If you aren’t travelling alone, you are responsible for your own accommodation and will be receive a $160 subsidy from SFB towards the costs.
5.2 Prize Money
  Winner $1200
  2rd $900
  3rd & 4th $450 each
  Winner $400
  2rd $300
  3rd & 4th $150 each
Prizes are paid into player’s bank acounts the following business day.
6. Format of play
6.1 All games will be played under set play format as outlined in the Laws of the Sport of Bowls, subject to conditions as outlined below.
6.1 Game format: Set Play – 3 bowl singles
6.2 Each game will be played over two (2) sets, with each set consisting of six (6) ends.
The winner of a set will be the player with the highest number of shots when the sixth end is completed.
If the shot scores are tied after the sixth end of a set, the set will be a draw.
In all matches (excluding Finals), all ends of each set must be completed for standings.
In finals, if a player is unable to mathematically win or tie a set (after considering any remaining Power Play situations), all remaining ends within that set shall not be played.
6.3 Tiebreaker
If a game is tied after the two sets have been completed (each team having won one set or both sets having been drawn), a one-end tiebreaker should be played to decide the winner. The winner of the tiebreaker will be awarded the game. Shots scored in any tiebreaker ends do not count towards the diff.
6.4 First to play
6.4.1 First set: players shall toss a coin and the winner of the toss can choose whether to place the mat, and then deliver the first bowl or tells the opposing player to place the mat, and then deliver the first bowl (the opposing player cannot refuse).
6.4.2 Second set: the winner of the first set shall place the mat and then deliver the first bowl. If the first set is a draw, the winner of the last scoring end in that set shall place the mat, and then deliver the first bowl.
6.4.3 Tiebreaker: players shall toss a coin and the winner of the toss has the options as described above.
6.4.4 In all ends after the first end of each set, the winner of the previous scoring end shall place the mat and then deliver the first bowl.
6.5 Re-spotting the jack
If a jack in motion passes completely outside the boundaries of the rink of play (left, right or over the face of the bank), comes to rest in any hollow in the face of the bank, or rebounds to a distance less than 20 metres from the mat line, the end shall not be declared dead. Instead the jack should be placed with the nearest point of the jack at a spot on the rink which is 2 metres from the front ditch and on the centre line.
If the spot mentioned above is partly or completely covered by a bowl, the jack should be placed as close as possible to the covered spot, in line with and between that spot and the corresponding spot at the opposite end of the rink, without touching a bowl.
6.6 Results recording
Players will be ranked on results in the following order:
Wins, Sets, Net Shots.
If players cannot be separated a one end tie break shall be played.
7.0 Game Variations
7.1 Powerplay and nominated kill
Each player is entitled to one Powerplay and one nominated ‘’kill’’ PER SET.
On all occasions below it is paramount that players communicate their intentions to both the opposition and the marker.
7.1.1 Powerplay:
If a player successfully scores on their nominated end, their points for that end are doubled.
Players must notify their intention to call a powerplay prior to the first bowl being delivered.
If a player fails to nominate a power play it will automatically be applied to the last end of each set, and the marker should tick the box on the scorecard for that end.
7.1.2 Nominated Kill:
A kill can be called prior to any bowl being played. In addition to verbal, players shall signal a cross with your arms up in front of them.
If a player nominates a kill and is successful, that end shall not be re-spotted but replayed.
If the player is unsuccessful, their kill is lost for the set, any further attempts shall be re-spotted.
Players are allowed to nominate to kill the tie break (once each) (maximum three ends).
7.1.3 Kills during Powerplay
If a player nominates a powerplay and the opponent nominates a kill and is successful, the powerplay still stands on the replayed end.
If a player nominates a powerplay and then decides to nominate a kill and is successful, the powerplay is forfeited for the replayed end.
7.2 Mat and Jack Placement
The jack will be placed at the start of each end on a pre-determined location which is 4m from the ditch edge
The mat can be placed anywhere along the marked centre line from the 2m mark to a point indicating a minimum jack length of 23m
Rinks will be marked accordingly to assist with this.
7.3 Player Movement
Players shall only be able to visit the head after their second bowl has been played.
8. Decision Making
Measuring: The players in all games will act as the measurer for deciding the number of shots. If an umpire has been appointed to the game, then the umpire will be called by the players if agreement cannot be reached as to the number of shots awarded.
Jury of appeal: In the event of an appeal during the event, such appeals shall be made in accordance with the Laws of the Sport of Bowls and shall be directed to the Event Director.
9. Uniform / Attire
Club Uniform (preferred) or any other bowling attire
10. Playing Programme
Game start times are approximate. Games will actually start as soon as the rinks are available and the players are ready.
8:30am round one 3x games
10:30am round two 3x games
1:00pm round three 3x games
Players ranked by wins/sets/diff and split top 12 bottom 12.
3:00pm post section round one 3 x games
8:30am post section round two 3 x games
10:30am post section round three 3 x games
12.30pm Cup & Plate semi-finals
Grand finals
1.30pm Plate final
2.30pm Cup final – this shall be 9 end sets rather than 6, and tiebreaker 3 ends.
11. Media and Communications
Some games in this Event may be broadcast on one or more digital platforms, and some moments during the Event may be captured by photographers. By participating in the Event, each participant acknowledges the right of Super Singles to broadcast or use photographic images of any participant during the Event for the benefit of the promotion of the game at any time during or after the Event.
12. General
SFB, and its appointed officials reserves the right to alter the format, times of play and allocated rinks and greens to suit local unforeseen circumstances, and any other details pertaining to this event giving as much notice as practical.
All games are to be played under the laws of the game as per Crystal Mark 4th Edition, along with any adaptations outlined in this document.