2024 1to8 Nationals

Power Pairs qualifying events in the different Centres are being organised at the moment and will be played prior to the finals in mid September.

You must be a full playing member of a club in the centre in which you enter (unless you don’t have winter bowls in your centre, and then you can play in an adjoining centre’s event), and players in a team can be from any club.

Entry to the qualifying events is $60 per team, with half of that staying in the local event as prizes and half getting paid forward for the finals prize pool.

To qualify, you play a full day’s drawn round robin of 6 games, and the winner is based on games won, then sets, then diff. If need be, the highest number of shots scored are used to decide the winner.

As different Centre dates are confirmed they’ll get added to the entry form below and will also be published on our Facebook page